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Fake Photoset/3D effect tutorial

Anon asked me how I made this Tao edit:

so here’s a tutorial on how to make this edit. Just to warn you beforehand, this is really easy to do but takes time and patience.

*this tutorial is heavy on text!

I’m going to assume you guys know how to make a gif so i’m not going to make a tutorial on how to make a gif.

1. Do some calculations. For THIS edit, the width is 500px(height is 281px). Each blank stripe is 10px. If there’s 2 blank stripes, the total empty space would have to be 20px. subtract that from 500 and divide the difference by 3, and I’ll have 160. Each “fake” photoset box would be 160px as a width. If you want more empty stripes to go across the edit, do the math.

After getting the units, i made this template:

—how did i make this template?—all i did was create a new file with 160x281px & 10x281px dimensions, colored them, duplicated them then arranged it onto a new file until i looks like the picture above.

2. I pasted the template on top of the tao gif and lowered its opacity.

3. Using the magic wand tool, select the two stripes. After you have the two stripes selected, you can make the template not visible(hide them) but clicking on the eye icon next to the layer until it becomes a blank box. 

4. My edit has a transparent background as the stripes(some people have it white). To have it transparent, delete the area in the stripe, EXCLUDING THE OBJECT YOU WANT TO HAVE THAT’S MOVING ACROSS THE FAKE PHOTOSET. 

 Using the eraser tool, start erasing the area inside the select area. Don’t worry about the areas outside the selected area because the you can only erase the selected areas. I usually start with a bigger brush and erase the areas that are nowhere close to Tao. When you get close to the areas near the object, use a small brush, zoom in, and slowly delete the unwanted spaces. 

5. You have to select LAYER BY LAYER and SLIDE BY SLIDE correspondingly and delete the space you want deleted. After you finished doing that for ALL the slides+layers, you’re done! just save it as a gif and that’s it.


Step 4+5 takes the most time and patience but the outcome is pretty cool. :D 

I you want have any questions or something you want to clarify, message me in my ask box. I’ll be more than glad to answer it.

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